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Primstav Print #3 Solstice and Equinox

$ 35.00

#3 in Lucy's 2015 Primstav series of high-quality Giclee prints in two sizes: Large 21" x 5" or Small 10 3/4" x 2.5". Solstice and equinox observations are important in earth religious traditions based on a lunar calendar later overlain with Gregorian Solar calendar. This helps account for the shifting obscure quality of Primstav symbols. Lucy looks at 6-week intervals on the ancient Norwegian calendar stick that observe important equinox and solstice days before numerical calendars came into use. Information about the different symbols is on the back of the print. Signed and dated by Lucy Tokheim

The ancient Norwegian calendar stick was called a Primstav. It divided the year into winter and summer with lines for each day. The picture symbols vary, but reminded people of important dates: church holidays, or practical reminders on when to take sheep to the pastures or dig potatoes. This design series is inspired by some of these wonderful pictures of an earlier time.

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