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Boat of Longing

$ 165.00

We made this piece after we returned home from our wonderful 9 months of study in Norway. Now it was time to make the special design piece summing up something we had experienced together there to fulfill our commitment to the people who had helped to sponsored some travel expenses, in our 1988 model of a Kickstarter project. Boats and boat forms were our strongest influence, with some of the simple chip carving that earlier people added to their common tools or belongings. These were made in a mold in a series of 50. This one we kept in our private collection, always meaning to add an oar.

Burnished clay, 10.25" width, 4" height. Dated 1990, marked NO. 24/50.

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Tokheim Stoneware pottery is food safe and can be used in an oven, microwave or dishwasher.
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